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What is Qb Test?

QbTest is a computer-based tool that combines an attention ability test with movement analysis using an infrared measurement device. The findings of the tests are compiled into a report and compared to data from a control group of persons of the same gender and age as you. This allows you to compare how you behave when concentrating on a task to others who do not have ADHD.

QbTest is the only test in the world cleared by the FDA for this use, and GloFusion mental Health & Family Practice is redefining your care by being one of the only treatment centers in Georgia to employ it.

How should QbTest be used?

Assessing ADD/ADHD can be difficult, and no single clinical assessment can provide all of the answers. The QbTest gives objective statistics that, when combined with additional information, will assist your clinician in determining whether you have ADD/ADHD.

QbTest gives a useful baseline measurement that can be used to assess any future changes in your activity, attention, and impulsivity. QbTest is the only FDA-approved device for monitoring how a patient responds to treatment, which can help your doctor monitor and track your response over time. Having a tool that can provide this level of insight into diagnoses and treatment options allows your provider to tailor your care like never before!

How is a QbTest performed?

An infrared camera, a headband with an infrared marker, and a responder button make up the test apparatus. Several symbols are displayed on the computer screen throughout the test. As soon as a specific sign appears on the screen, you press the responder button. You can finish the test in around 15 minutes, and it is not reliant on your literacy, numeracy, or linguistic abilities.

Qbtest and GloFusion mental Health & Family Practice Partnership

The QbTest revolutionizes the way ADD/ADHD is treated, and we’re delighted to be one of the few private clinics in Georgia to provide objective data-based diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring services. The most comprehensive ADD/ADHD treatment program at GloFusion Mental Health & Family Practice in Georgia is now available thanks to a proud partnership between our Treatment Center and the Swedish company QbTech. We can diagnose ADHD with a high degree of certainty using the FDA-approved QbTest in conjunction with clinical examination. For the first time, we can track the success of medication and counseling treatment regimens.

Consider yourself to have ADHD? 

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