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Glofusionhealth wellness can assist you to accomplish your weight loss Goals!

Being overweight is without a doubt a big health issue. It influences you physically, mentally, and even socially. The excess weight makes you apply more effort in doing basic things like rising from your bed  or bending down to pick up things. You find yourself out of breath when you go up the stairs to the second flooring of your house. You start to feel some pains and pains in your neck and back.


Your excess weight can also influence your mental health. You know the negative health effects of being overweight and these thoughts often cross your mind and leave you nervous and uneasy. The possibility of a stroke or cardiovascular disease is higher for people who are overweight. The thoughts of untimely death and possible confinement to a healthcare facility could often be disturbing enough that it influences your other tasks.

Emotionally,  you may have established a little inferiority because of your size specifically during your teens. You may feel uncomfortable when some people look rudely at you in a public location. Going to celebrations & social events  may have become something you dread.  You may enjoy going to the beach and have some fun with friends but when you started gaining weight you stopped going since you feel uncomfortable in  swimwear.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can lose the weight, get healthy, increase your confidence and start enjoying life to the fullest!


Phentermine (Adipex-P, Lomaira) is an amphetamine-like prescription medication used to suppress appetite. It can help weight loss by decreasing your hunger or making you feel full longer. Phentermine is also available in combination with topiramate for weight loss (Qsymia).


Like other prescription weight-loss drugs, phentermine is intended to be used as part of an overall weight-loss plan.


GlofusionHealth providers prescribe a variety of GLP-1s, including semaglutide, liraglutide, and dulaglutide. These GLP-1s are often referred to by their brand name, so you may have heard of these FDA-approved medications as Wegovy™, Ozempic®, or Saxenda®, to name a few.


All GLP-1s are clinically tested, stimulant-free, and non-habit forming. GLP-1s address the underlying biology that is most important for weight loss, and help lower your set point, or the weight your body fights to stay at. GLP-1s are powerful, naturally occurring hormones made by your gut that send signals to your brain to decrease your appetite, improve your metabolic system, and regulate your digestion so you can feel full longer and maximize nutrient absorption. GLP-1s are different from older classes of weight loss medications (like phentermine) because they work on key underlying metabolic pathways to support sustained weight loss.


Side effects are extremely rare, and most individuals who take a GLP-1 do not experience any. For those who do, nausea is the most common, and this typically resolves over the first few weeks of being on the medication. If you do experience any side effects, you’ll be able to reach out to GloFusion Health for support.

Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections



Prescription Weight Loss Medication That Works!
With the newest FDA-approved prescription peptide for weight management, you can control cravings, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower your appetite to achieve considerable weight loss. Begin your long-term weight loss journey with our most popular Semaglutide plan, which starts at $75 per week or $300 per month with a minimum supply of two months for optimal results. Prescription treatments are meant to help you succeed.

What are the benefits of Semaglutide?

⮚ Lose 10-30% of body weight
⮚ Reduce appetite and cravings
⮚ Regulate digestion
⮚ Improved hormones
⮚ Smoking cessation
⮚ Cardiovascular benefits
⮚ Neuroprotective
⮚ Treatment of PCOS
⮚ Maintain weight loss long-term

Who is an ideal patient and who is not?

This drug is excellent for people who want to lose weight and are in good health with no kidney or liver problems. The medicine is not insulin, so people with type 1 diabetes or who get diabetic ketoacidosis should not take it.

Take the next steps for your health.

Start your journey today and let the weight loss experts help you take the next step toward your overall health goals.

Medical-grade Semaglutide weight loss prescription


What is Semaglutide Peptide?

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) analog. GLP-1 is a hormone that is made naturally in the small intestine. It produces insulin and stops glucagon from coming out, lowering blood sugar. Studies show that semaglutide reduces hunger, makes it easier to control how much you eat, and makes you want to eat less. It also makes it easier to control your blood sugar. GLP1 is an incretin hormone that helps the pancreas release insulin, which in turn helps the body control blood sugar levels. We help people lose weight using GLP-1 medication prescribed to get to the root of weight problems.


What results can you expect from Semaglutide therapy?

Anecdotally, physicians have characterized this peptide as being twice as successful as any prescription weight reduction treatment on the market today, comparing it to undergoing gastric bypass surgery. That’s fantastic news! 


According to the findings of the Semaglutide study, overweight or obese people who received weekly Semaglutide lost 14.9% of their body weight after 68 weeks. In the same trial, approximately 70% of patients were able to lose 10% of their body weight by using Semaglutide. In addition, 32% of individuals dropped at least 20% of their starting weight. Bottom line: everyone agrees that this treatment is effective for weight reduction!

How is Semaglutide used/administered?

Semaglutide is a subcutaneous injection that is usually given once a week. If necessary, the dose might be raised after one month. 
What are possible side-effects/contraindications of Semaglutide? Weight loss is the most often reported adverse effect. Some people have complained of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, or constipation. Patients with hypoglycemia, renal issues, and a history of allergic responses are at a higher risk of experiencing significant side effects.


Who is an ideal patient and who is not?

This drug is appropriate for people in good health without kidney or liver concerns who desire to reduce weight. If you have type 1 diabetes or develop diabetic ketoacidosis, you should not take this medicine.


Take the next steps for your health.

The cost is $75 per week or $300 per month with a minimum of two months for optimal results, making it $600 per treatment. 

(*Note that this medicine often costs between $1,850 and $2,700 per month with other providers. Due to our direct association with the medical pharmacies, we can give it at a unique discount to our patients, sparing you the excessive prices.)